DoGo provides a full range of GPS tracking services for Travel Bus Operators to improve their over all operational productivity by helping them to monitor, plan and manage their fleet of vehicles. DoGo GPS Tracking service enables you to understand how your vehicles are utilized, revealing the inefficient practices and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Key challenges in fleet management for Travel Bus Operators

  • Where is the bus at the moment?
  • Is the bus reaching the pick-up points on schedule? If there is delay, how-much?
  • Is the driver over-speeding during the journey?
  • Are the passengers informed about the expected arrival time of the bus for pick-up?
  • How to identify operational inefficiencies so as to improve the operational productivity?
  • How to show real time arrival prediction display boards to the passengers?

The Solution offered by DoGo GPS Tracking Service

  • DoGo offers a solution that is tailor made to fit the needs of the travel operator with custom branding, custom modules and custom reports if required.
  • Real time tracking of customer’s vehicles and reporting the results in a way that is most suitable for the specific needs of the travel operator.
  • Daily trip reports with comprehensive station analytics.
  • Automatic Alerts upon Check-in and Check-out of predefined locations. Alerts can be generated by SMS, Phone Call or Email.
  • Real time arrival prediction display boards.
  • Real time information dashboard for the entire fleet in text format as well as maps.
  • Showing the real time location of all vehicles on a map with vital information such as travel path, current location, speed etc.
  • Vehicle travel history and travel path maps for the last 15 days (or as needed).
  • Arrival prediction and Delay notifications to passengers by automated Phone call or SMS based on the real time location of the bus with reference to passengers boarding point.

Notifications to Passengers

  • Passengers can be automatically notified by an SMS message about their bus number when a vehicle is assigned to a route.
  • Passengers can be automatically notified by an SMS or Automated Phone Call about the expected arrival time of the bus based on the real time location of the bus before 15 or 20 mins (or as needed).

DoGo is more than just a GPS service provider

  • DoGo Service provides you a customizable solution that fits your requirements and budget. In addition to basic GPS tracking service, we can provide customized reports and a complete workflow automation based on your specific business needs.
  • DoGo can automatically download ticketing information and bus assignments from thrid-party applications like AbhiBus to facilitate passenger notifications.

DoGo Features

  • Notifications to Passengers about Bus Assignment, Expected Arrival Time of the Bus, Bus Delay Information etc. Vis SMS or automated Phone Call.
  • Real time tracking of customer’s vehicles
  • Vehicle current location maps with detailed information
  • Vehicle travel path history maps for upto 15 days or as needed
  • All vehicles current location map with location and speed information
  • Vehicle Arrival Prediction Display Boards
  • Comprehensive Trip Information Report for the entire fleet
  • Comprehensive Route Analytics
  • Fleet Current Location Dashboard
  • Location based notifications such as arrival information, station entry, station exit etc by Phone, SMS or Email
  • Delay Notifications
  • Station Entry, Station Exit SMS Alerts as needed
  • Automatic Passenger Inormation Downloading from Online-Ticketing service providers (such as AbhiBus).
  • Automatic Route Vehicle Assignment Downloading from Online-Ticketing service providers (such as AbhiBus).
  • Reports (Web Acess & Scheduled Email Reports)
    • Daily Trips Report
    • Daily Speeding Report
    • Distance Travlled in Kilometers Report
    • Stops with duration Report
    • Restricted Driving Hours Report



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