DoGo 'Personal Tracker' is an android mobile application that can be installed on any andriod based smart phone that has internet connectivity. Once installed, DoGo 'Personal Tracker' allows you to track the location of the mobile phone via a Web interface with features such as location maps, location historic maps, location based alerts etc.

How DoGo Personal Tracker Works ?

Once installed, the DoGo 'Personal Tracker' android mobile application records its location once in every 5 minutes (or as often as needed) based on cell tower information and transmits the location data to the central DoGo server. This information will be used to calculate the physical address of that location. In addition to automatic transmission of location data, we can also force the transmission of location information to the DoGO central server using SMS based commands.

Advantages of DoGo Personal Tracker

  • DoGo Personal Tracker is developed as a low-cost alternative to traditional GPS tracking, where tracking to an approximate location is good enough.
  • By using DoGo Personal Tracker you can track cell-tower based locational information with out the need to buy and maintain expensive GPS tracking devices. All you will need is just a android based smart phone with internet connectivity.
  • DoGo Personal Tracker is a very cost-effective solution when compared to traditional GPS tracking. With this you can save anywhere between 40% to 60% on monthly service charges when compared to a basic GPS tracking service.

DoGo Personal Tracker Features

  • Runs automatically once installed.
  • Automatically trasmits location information to the DoGo server.
  • Can store the location information locally (on the mobile phone itself) when there is no internet connectivity, and trasmits all the stored data once the internet connectivity comes up.
  • Can be configured to transmit data as often as needed.
  • A full featured web interface to track the mobile phones current location and historic location on maps.
  • Any number of mobile phones can be added to a single account and track them all from our DoGo Control Panel web interface.
  • Current location maps with detailed location information.
  • All trackers current location dashboard.
  • Tracker travel path history maps for upto 15 days or as needed.

Who can use DoGo Personal Tracker ?

DoGo Personal Tracker is a low cost alternative to basic GPS tracking that can be used in all cases where tracking to an approximate location is good enough. The location information of the mobile phone is fetched based on cell-tower location.

DoGo Personal Tracker can be used in applications such as:

  • To track the movement of the sales people to know if they are covering all the areas that needed to be covered.
  • Can be used by radio-cab or taxi operators to quickly identify the nearest cab with reference to a specific customer's location.
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