'Auto Tour Guide' is an innovative portable solution from DoGo for the City Tour Operators , Packaged Tour Operators, Personal Tour Operators etc.

'Auto Tour Guide' service automatically plays an audio file describing the significance, importance and interesting facts about the tourist spot (such as a landmark, monument, temple, pilgrim center etc) that is about the be visited by the passengers in the next 15 mins. This is almost like what a Personal Tour Guide would normally do. This allows passengers to appreciate the place they are visiting.

How 'Auto Tour Guide' works

A portable thin-client device with linux operation system will be mounted in each vehicle, into which 'Auto Tour Guide' software will be installed. Route Configuration file (an XML file) for a specific route can be downloaded from the Control panel into an USB pen drive. This pen drive will be plugged into the thin client to play audio files for that route. This allows to use the same vehicle to be run in multiple routes.

'Auto Tour Guide' has an in-built vehicle tracking software that tracks the current location location of the vehicle with reference to various tourist locations that are configured for that specific route. When the vehicle nears the next tourist spot of interest, it automatically plays a preloaded audio file corrsponding that perticular location. 'Auto Tour Guide' is intellegent enough to understand the direction of the bus and the sequence of tourist locations.

Advantages with 'Auto Tour Guide'

  • DoGo's 'Auto Tour Guide' is a modular and portable service that fits into any mode of tourist operations from short City Tours to long Packaged Tours. It can fit into buses as well as cars.
  • 'Auto Tour Guide' provides a very cost-effective solution when compared to other similar services in the same space.
  • 'Auto Tour Guide' can be customised to suit the special requirements of the customer.

'Auto Tour Guide' Features

  • The core 'Auto Tour Guide' software works as a platform to which any route information can be plugged.
  • Full featured control panel to configure routes and tourist spots.
  • Media management module to upload audio files and attach them to tourist spots.
  • Route Configuration information can be managed from the web based DoGo control panel.
  • Route Configuration file for a specific route can be downloaded from the control panel.



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