DoGo Vehicle Tracking System works by communicating amid a tracking device, satellite, receiver, wireless/mobile data network and a central database. We install a GPS-GPRS enabled tracking device in our customer's vehicle. The GPS receiver uses a triangulation mechanism to calculate the vehicles position. In a nutshell, GPS satellites broadcast the information about their positions along with the exact time. Knowing the coordinates of the satellite and using the travel time of a radio signal, the GPS receiver measures the distance to a satellite and, as result, calculates its position.

The GPS receiver then forwards location, speed and time stamp data to the device’s processing unit and cellular modem. The vehicle’s coordinates are then transmitted to the GPS Solutions Datacenter via a wireless data network.

The data is then inserted into a series of high end database servers. Clients can log into the GPS Solutions tracker server using our RACO Tracker Software and view their vehicle’s location on a detailed street map.

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