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DoGo Fuel Management System is a versatile, customizable and cost-effective fuel management system that provides intelligent fuel monitoring, reporting and notification services by tracking the fuel consumption and filling in real time.

Key Challenges in Fule Tracking & Monitoring

DoGo Fuel Management System solves the problem of tracking and monitoring of fuel usage of generators that are managed by people at various locations. Some of the problems that are often encoutered are:

  • How many hours per day Generator is running?
  • What is the average fuel consumption per hour?
  • How many liters of fuel filled on average per week?
  • Is generator running even when electrical power supply is present?
  • What is the average running hours per location?
  • How to know the current fuel level of remote location generator(s)?
  • How to get the information directly from the machine/generator without any middle man?
  • How to compare one generator’s performance with another location generator?
  • Are the people really filling as much fuel in the generator as they claim (is there any fuel theft) ?

DoGo Fuel Management System Product Profile:

  • DOGO FMS integrated best in the industry’s hardware in our software and developed very comprehensive reports to assist the owners in understand the performance and other stats of each generator in the entire organization.
  • Each generator will be equipped by DOGO team with a fuel sensor and a transmitting device.
  • Secured Online access to Web based Application to track the generator - Multiple Login, 24x7 Access, Generator Grouping
  • Generator Status on Mobile phone
  • Alerts via SMS/Email/Phone
  • Fuel Consumption and filling pattern Chart/Graph
  • Several reports are provided for Fuel Monitoring such as
    • Consolidated Report for the entire organisation
    • Hourly Fuel Consumption Statistics Report
    • Weekly Consumption Report per Generator
    • Fuel Theft Report
  • Generator ON/OFF email/SMS notifications
  • Daily automated email with all the reports content to any no of email addresses including fuel consumption graph.


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