DoGo Display Board Management Software Solution

Display Boards Management Solution offered by DoGo provides a customizable web-based service that allows to manage the real-time changes in your product prices, discount offerings etc across your chain of shops, retail outlets etc. from a single location using our web-based control panel. The changes will be reflected automatically across all the shops where our Online Display Board application runs.   

What is need to place a Display Board in shop/location ?

  1. A PC .
  2. Internet.
  3. PC Ready LCD/LED TV. Ex: Any latest smart TV such as sony, samsung etc...

DoGo Display Board Management Feature List

  1. New pricing details pushed to any shop within 1 minute from update time.
  2. Single login credentials to manage all pricing details of all shops.
  3. Add/Modify/Delete any number of items with description
  4. Add/Modify/Delete any number of stores/shops
  5. Add/Modify/Delete items to shop at individual shop level.
  6. Add/Modify/Delete pricing per shop level.
  7. Ability to play audio indication on new price update at shop display screen as a quick alert.
  8. Ability to mark new price update with a special color on display screen as a quick alert.
  9. Keep track of price modifications as history per shop with old price, new price and modified time.
  10. Customizable display screen template to be displayed on each shop’s PC ready LCD screen.
  11. Add/Modify/Delete JPEG/images as ads to be rotated at specified interval on display screen
  12. Add/Mofiy/Delete JPEG/images as ads per shop.

Installation and Maintenance Details:

  1. Software works in SaaS securily hosted server at a data center.
  2. Complete software can be hosted on client’s hardware server at client’s premises.
  3. Details of products, prices, shops etc will be managed by the client using our DoGO Control Panel.
  4. DoGo team provides training on system provisioning and first level support.
  5. DoGo support team provides software maintenance via remote support.
  6. Client is responsible to provide PC with internet and LCD PC ready TV and connectivity between TV and PC per shop.



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