Fuel Tracking Systems for Generators & Vehicles (Buses, Trucks, Cargo Vehicles etc)

DoGo Fuel Monitoring and Tracking System is a customizable and cost-effective solutions for Generators and Vehicles (Buses, Trucks etc) that provides intelligent fuel monitoring, reporting and notification services by tracking the fuel consumption and filling in real time.    Read more »

Vehicle Tracking Systems & GPS Solutions

Please click on the following to know more about DoGo Vehicle Tracking Solutions for various applications.   Read more »

DoGo Display Boards - Online Real-time Display Board Software Solution

DoGo Display Boards Solution facilitates the real-time changes in your product prices etc across all your retail outlets from a single location using our web-based control panel. The changes will be reflected automatically across all the outlets where our Online Display Board application runs.    Read more »

  • Click here to check out our demo display boards »   Chicken Shop Display Board  |  Jewellary Shop Display Board |  Display Board with Video Ads

  • DoGo Transit Management System works by communicating amid a tracking device, satellite, receiver, wireless/mobile data network and a central database. We install a GPS-GPRS enabled tracking device in our customer's vehicle. The GPS receiver uses a triangulation mechanism to calculate the vehicles position. In a nutshell, GPS satellites broadcast the information about their positions along with the exact time. Knowing the coordinates of the satellite and using the travel time of a radio signal, the GPS receiver measures the distance to a satellite and, as result, calculates its position.

    The GPS receiver then forwards location, speed and time stamp data to the device’s processing unit and cellular modem. The vehicle’s coordinates are then transmitted to the GPS Solutions Datacenter via a wireless data network.

    The data is then inserted into a series of high end database servers. Clients can log into the GPS Solutions tracker server using our RACO Tracker Software and view their vehicle’s location on a detailed street map.

     DoGo is our innovative 'Intelligent Transit Management' service

    DoGo is our 'Intelligent Transit Management' service offering that provides intelligent transit solutions for all modes of public transportation. Taxis, Buses, Trucks, Personal Vehicles, Utility Vehicles. Our solutions for Intelligent Transit Management can be deployed in public transit systems nationwide.

    DoGo is a sophisticated, modular technology that fits right into every vehicle in your fleet. Once in place, it enables you to add any or all of the solutions below to make your fleet smarter, cleaner, and vastly more efficient. Solutions can be added all at once, as you need them, or in an iterative fashion, over any length of time to suit the specific needs of your system and budget.

    DoGo Transit Management Services provide a smart option for safe, economic, and environmentally responsible solutions. Our transit management solutions and transit operations decision support systems are ready to be deployed in 6 of the 10 largest public bus systems in the country.

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